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Motta Alfredo S.p.A. has always turned a particular attention, employing a significant quantity of resources, to the environmental problems. As the experts know, treated leathers derive from the slaughter of goats and sheep, bred for their meat and wool, and the tanning process realizes the difficult passage from the animal slough to the leather ready to be used. Since many years the success of this process is estimated also under the ecologic point of view. Anticipating times and laws and assuming a position of total safety in this field, Motta Alfredo S.p.A. has managed to make the difficult leather industry's conditions more satisfactory from the ecologic side.

This gives a huge strength to the Enterprise and its Customers, sure of not having restocking problems and that the items manufacturing is in compliance with current laws. Since many years our Enterprise has come into line with European norms (in particular with the German ones of '94) banning the use of dyes stuffs, which can release amines or pentachlorophenol PCF (anti-mould substances) and of solvents in general. The effluent treatment plant, based on the chemical-physical and biological principle, has been operating for more than 30 years. Waters effluent from our purifier flow into the cooperative purification plant receiving mostly civil discharges. The results of the tests made every month by an external laboratory confirm periodically the quality of outgoing waters and consequently the optimum functioning of our purifier.