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In 2008 a new shearling tannery was born in Spain that continues the centuries-old tradition in the leather industry by Alfredo Motta, Italy.

Over an area of 12,000 m2 of which 6000 is covered.  The tannery can produce approximately 2000 skins per day, from rough Spanish and other countries, selected by expert technicians.
The tanning and dying process is fully automated.  To give consistency to the goods and customer security, our internal laboratory and our technicians ensure the selection of chemicals to be used and are on a constant search for new articles.
The articles are produced on Merino, Entrefino, Lechales, Tigrado, Lacon, Cabrito skins, etc. with special glossy finishings, light leather, shiny wool, numerous combinations of color,  different types of prints, digital and custom made prints.   In few words the best opportunity lies in being at the forefront of the fashion industry for garments, footwear and accessories.
We invite our customers that use leather with wool (double-face) to visit the new tannery which is one hour from  Madrid (highway M40), together with our commercial office experts and technicians create samples for the coming winters.