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Aniline Soft leather

The aniline leather is the one looking closer to the original, soft and natural, as it retains the unique characteristics of the coat. The leather treated with aniline is tinted but not finished with any film polymers or pigments.

Delave Vel | Brasil | Plonge Olympic

Semi-Aniline Soft Leather

The semi-aniline leather is more resistant than aniline, but retains the typical natural appearance of the latter. The increased resistance is achieved by applying a thin film of finishing containing a low percentage of pigment, which gives greater uniformity of color and at the same time protects the leather in a more effective way.

Kimberly | Naplak Lib | Primitive Lib


The suede leather has been treated from the flesh-side (meat) of the animal with special machines that gives it soft, nap and "writing" effect in all the colors.

Cyprus Kid | Chemisier | Antelope Silk


The fur plates are from origin from skins of goat and lapin. The skins are a by-product as the meat is meant for consumption.

Tibetan | Silk Kid | Mongolia | Rex